Our Services

Large Format Reproduction

9 large format printers to handle all black and white or color printing up to 60 inches wide

Copying and Color Copying

8 duplication machines for high speed copying in black and white or color printing up to 11x17

  • binding with acco, spiral, spirolastic, coil, velo or perfect bind
  • folding available


AutoCAD, DXF, HPGL, PDF, Tiff, Jpeg, and many other formats


8 Large format scanners and 10 document scanners

  • Scanning large format Black and white to tiff or pdf
  • Scanning large format Color to tiff, pdf, or Jpeg
  • Documents to pdf, searchable pdf, or multi page tiff
  • Photographs to jpeg, tiff, or pdf
  • Scan to CD, DVD, Thumb Drive, FTP (Public or Private), or Email

Bates Stamping from Hard copy or from a pre-scanned Pdf file.

File Flavor or media type Conversion

Duplication of CDs and DVD material

Online Planroom

Public and Private


Fast turnaround up to 36 inches wide


  • foamcore, posterboard, or stratacore
  • framing


Engineering and Drafting

  • Furniture
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Technical pens
  • Squares, triangles, curves, and templates
  • Scale masters, and Specialty, and scientific calculators
  • Tri-scales
  • Survey Equipment
  • Compass, Transits, Brass Markers, Levels, Flagging
  • Measure Tapes and wheels, Books


  • Ink Jet Inks
  • Ink Jet Media

Office supplies

  • Pens, pencils, and erasers
  • Desktop Calculators
  • Rulers
  • Tape scotch, filament, and packing
  • Post-its
  • Block out tapes

Topo and Relief Maps


  • 7 minute maps hardcopy
  • soft copy CD ROMs from National Geographic

Hubbard Scientific Relief Maps

Wall maps and Folded maps of all sorts

Pick-up & Delivery

  • Fleet of 7 vehicles to pick up, return, or distribute your work also we can ship
  • Standard or Overnight UPS and FedEx