Large Format Reproduction

Large format printers to handle all black and white or color printing up to 60 inches wide

Copying and Color Copying

  • High speed copying in black and white or color printing up to 11×17
  • Binding with acco, spiral, spirolastic, coil, velo or perfect bind folding available


  • AutoCAD, DXF, PDF, Tiff, Jpeg, and many other formats


large format printer

  • Large format scanners and small document scanners
  • Scanning large format Black and white to tiff or pdf
  • Scanning large format Color to tiff, pdf, or Jpeg
  • Documents to pdf, searchable pdf, or multi page tiff
  • Photographs to jpeg, tiff, or pdf
  • Scan to CD, DVD, Thumb Drive, cloud file tranfers i.e. dropbox, or Email
  • Bates Stamping from Hard copy or from a pre-scanned Pdf file.

Duplication of CDs and DVD material


  • Fast turnaround up to 24 inches wide, (inquire about large format laminating)


  • Foamcore, posterboard, or stratacore (inquire about custom medias)


(Limited to in-stock availability)
drafting supplies

  • Engineering and Drafting
  • Furniture
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Technical pens
  • Squares, triangles, curves, and templates
  • Scale masters, and Specialty, and scientific calculators
  • Tri-scales
  • Survey Equipment
  • Compass, Transits, Brass Markers, Levels, Flagging
  • Measure Tapes and wheels, Books


  • Ink Jet Inks
  • Ink Jet Media

Office supplies

  • Pens, pencils, and erasers
  • Desktop Calculators
  • Rulers
  • Tape scotch, filament, and packing
  • Post-its
  • Block out tapes

Topo and Relief Maps

  • USGS 7 minute maps hardcopy
  • Hubbard Scientific Relief Maps

Wall maps and Folded maps of all sorts

Maps on File

Over the years Blueprint Service Company has acquired a large in-house collection of files: Tract, Parcel, and Record of Survey maps. Due to the many Certificates of Correction and Compliance orders issued over the years, we cannot ensure the maps copied from our files are the most up to date. If you need recently updated maps, call the Kern County Engineering & Surveying Services 1-661-862-5100 and ask for a particular Case Map showing the Parcel or Tract you need. You may also visit Kern County Engineering & Surveying Services website and download case maps for viewing and printing. Blueprint Service Co. can pick up the map(s) for copies and scanning. Blueprint Service Co. also carries 7.5 minute topos, 100,000:1 topos, topo computer sofware, etc.

Pick-up & Delivery

  • In house pick up and deliver of your work
  • We can also ship Standard or Overnight UPS and FedEx
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