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Maps on File

Over the years Blueprint Service Company has acquired a large in-house file of Tract, Parcel, and Record of Survey maps. Due to the many Certificates of Correction and Compliance orders issued over the years, we cannot ensure the maps copied from our files are the most up to date. If you need recently updated maps, call the Kern County Engineering & Surveying Services (661) 862-5100 and ask for a particular Case Map showing the Parcel or Tract you need. You may also download case maps for viewing and printing from the Kern County Website. Blueprint Service Co. can pick up the map(s) for copies. Blueprint Service Co. also carries 7.5 minute topos, 100,000:1 topos, and topo computer software, etc.
The Kern County Online Mapping System provides users with access to aerial photos of the Kern County area. The system provides the ability to generate PDF files of on-screen images that Blueprint Service can print or which can either be emailed or burned to disc.

Planwell Enterprise Online Planroom

Blueprint Service Co. is now hosting an online planroom. We can host your plans and specs online and make the plans available to your sub-contractors using only their web browser. Users can login and view plans and specs and place print orders for sets or individual sheets. We also have Bidcaster which will allow you to place bid projects online for either public or private bid and manage all your bid holder information.
For more information Call (661) 327-2501 (ask for Alan) or visit www.planwell.com.

Kofax document scanning

This is an expanding department to transfer small documents to your Kofax database. We will be using Kofax Ascent Capture. We can also scan documents to multi-page TIFF files and to PDF. Call for more information.

State of California Notary Public signature verification

We are continuing to provide this service to our customers.

New Océ ColorWave technology offers large format color copies and plotting at accelerated speed plus lower pricing.

Do you need full size color copies from your redlines, color markups, production or presentation plans, posters, or aerial photos? We have the solution with our Océ ColorWave 650 or ColorWave 910 printers we can print color up to 42” wide by almost any length.  Printing a “D” size draft quality print can take less than 2 minutes. Call for more info.

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