Generating a Plot File with AutoCAD14

Save yourself time and money.

Why generate a plot file?  Well first off it will save you money and Blueprint Service time. Plot files will print as they appear on your screen. If you submit drawing files, our AutoCad may be missing fonts, hatches, line styles, x-refs, etc...

How to set up a plotter and create a plot file in AutoCad 14 for black and white prints.

  1. Open AutoCad
  2. Type "config" in line command box located at the bottom of the AutoCad window.
  3. A GUI should pop up. Select "Printer".
  4. You want to load a new plotter device - select the "New" button.
  5. Then you will want to select "Oce ADI 4.3 driver...", you may name the device as "Blueprint Service Oce 9800".
  6. Next question select "9800", "1" for inches, "N" no stacker, "N" no folder, "P" parallel, "." for none, "N" change defaults.
  7. In your list of plotters click on "Blueprint Service Oce 9800", then click "Set Current", and exit config menu.
  8. Type "oceconfig" in line command box. Locate a check box labeled "control header" and make sure the box is unchecked if you would like us to manually set the pen weights. Or you may wish to embed the the pen weight within the plot file, in this case leave the "control header" box checked. But if you wish to use half-tone pens you will need to assign a pattern to a pen within oceconfig. Bluepirnt Service has a pattern chart availale at your request.
  9. Now you are ready to plot, load a drawing you wish to print.
  10. Your current plotter should be "Blueprint Service Oce 9800", if not select it from your list.
  11. You will either need to enter your pen weights if you left the "control header" on. Set the paper size. I will personally set a custom paper size of 36 width and 24 length for a 24"x36" print. The printer uses 36" roll stock. If there are no drawing entities outside the drawing I will usually zoom to extents and then plot by extents only if the drawing fills up the display window, if not plot by window. Set the scale of the drawing and remember to preview the drawing on the paper before creating the plot file. Also remember to designate where the plot file will be placed in your file system, so you can find the plot files easily.

Best Practices
Download and install the latest TDS 800 Autocad Driver from OceUSA (see links on left). Repeat steps above except choose TDS 800 1.x instead of 9800. If you are a first time user to our plot service, send me a test plot file. If you have Adobe Acrobat Distiller or any similar product you can make PDF files. Make sure your PDF files use black pens. Color PDFs will print grey on the Oce bond plotter.

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