Frequently Asked Questions

Does Blueprint Service offer bulk scanning?

Yes! We provide a wide variety of options for bulk scanning for businesses, law offices, and education institutions.

What file types does Blueprint Service support?

Almost any file format will do, but some are easier than others to process saving us time and you money. Here is a list of our preferred file types in order of preference:

  1. PDF - make sure you make all your work black any other color will result in greytone lines. Open drawing and go to Print menu and select "DWG to PDF" option to create PDF document.
  2. DWF - work also needs to be black and white. Open drawing and go to Print menu and select "DWG to DWF" option to create DWF document.
  3. PLT - make sure you install the correct Autocad plotter driver.
  4. DWG & DXF - missing fonts and ctb files will alter drawing appearaces. Make sure you include any XREF and IM files. You may wish to use "etransmit" to send drawings (make sure you choose .ZIP and not .EXE format.
What is the benefit of generating a plot file?

Well first off it will save you money and Blueprint Service time. Plot files will print as they appear on your screen. If you submit drawing files, our AutoCad may be missing fonts, hatches, line styles, x-refs, etc.

What if I don't have AutoCAD?

The non-AutoCAD user's best bet is to purchase Adobe Acrobat. The full version will allow you to create PDF files from your drafting program. PDF is the easiest route. You may also make HP or Calcomp PLT files. If your program allows you to save your drawings to Autocad or DXF format, they may not export correctly to Autocad and may have errors.