About Us

Our state-of-the-art facility, located in Bakersfield, California, has been serving your reproduction needs since 1955 . Our highly experienced customer service department can answer all of your technical questions, scheduling difficulties and provide accurate pricing information.

Our Mission

Our commitment to our customers is to do our best to meet your deadlines while providing the highest quality service we can offer.

Our History

They aren’t just blueprints anymore! Their services cover a large range, but one thing has remained true for almost 60 years: a strong pledge to high quality.

Honesty, dependability, and pride in their services coupled with a dedicated clientele and personnel has become the layout for success for this local business. Blueprint Service Company started in May of 1955 thanks to Tom Kuwahara and his business partner, Jack Steele. Kuwahara was a draftsman for the City of Bakersfield and, while there were two or three blue¬printers in town, he felt that there was a void in the ser¬vices rendered. To that end, in 1956, Kuwahara bought Steele out and he and his wife, Gladys, became the first of many Kuwaharas to keep the business going strong.

The shop was first located where the Civic Auditorium now stands. They soon moved locations to a warehouse on 17th Street, where they operated for 40 years. It was in 1999 that they needed a change and moved to their current location at 1100 18th Street, in the old Bakersfield Bowling Academy building.

In 1989, Tom retired, leaving the business in the hands of his sons, Terry and Keith. Keith’s wife, Kim, also joined the staff, as did Terry’s wife, Ann. Terry’s son, Kyle, is also part of the current team, helping the company turn architectural dreams into a reality. Through the years, uncles, siblings, and children to these five Kuwaharas have all worked as part of the Blueprint Service, making this a complete family affair.

Still each and every employee, related or not, is a huge point of pride for the company. Astonishingly, the Kuwaharas have employed over 1,000 different people during the course of their 57 years in Bakersfield, and also bought some 100 vehicles during that period.

Citing service to both their customers as well as their employees as their most important virtue, Blueprint Service realizes that their staff depends upon them for their livelihood, and that is something that they don’t take lightly. The same thing can be said about their commitment to the community, as they have sponsored baseball teams and have donated to charities that benefit everything from victims of breast cancer and leukemia to basset hound rescues.

Locations and hands aren’t the only things that have changed during the course of their run, however. Some have been highly welcomed, like the change from ammonia developed blueline copies to the large format printer, as the ammonia fumes had a knack for burning eyes, noses, and even open cuts! The use of the internet has also provided them a larger service area in California. Other changes, such as shifts in technology, have been ongo¬ing, including forays into dig¬ital copy, scanning, and Plan Well. Regardless, Blueprint Service Company has taken strides to always be up on the latest changes, ensuring a quality and timely job utilizing state-of-the-art technology to every client that walks through their doors.